Not Urgent But Important

Yesterday was #LunchWithLovedOnes at our daughter’s school. Her eyes lighted up when she saw me and just couldn’t believe it. . . Ended up eating lunch with her and two of her classmates whose parents couldn’t make it.

Some things are #urgent while some others are #important. I’ve always learnt to never let IMPORTANT stuff be at the mercy of the URGENT ones. Thanks to Stephen Covey.

And thank you #Mommy for ensuring I didn’t forget this event. She literally reminded me every day during dinner and even sent an email 📧 . 😂

Interestingly, it was the forwarded email from her class teacher that did the magic; stumbled on it while searching for some insurance document. 😂 Y’all need to see the way I maneuvered through downtown Dallas traffic as if I was rushing to a meeting with a governor. I knew I was meeting someone more #important than a governor though. It was a meeting with the #future, an extremely #important one.










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